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June 23 at 11AM ET: Join Astra Space CEO, CFO Fireside Chat With IPO Edge
IPO Edge and The Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association welcome you to this fireside chat with the CEO and CFO of Astra Space, Inc. to discuss the merger with Holicity, Inc. (NASDAQ: HOL), the purchase of Apollo Fusion, and the upcoming shareholder vote. This live event features Astra Founder, Chairman, & CEO Chris Kemp alongside Astra CFO Kelyn Brannon and joined by IPO Edge Editor-in-Chief John Jannarone and IPO Edge Editor-at-Large Jarrett Banks. This moderated video session will last approximately 60 minutes and includes a Q&A with the audience.

Ahead of the shareholder meeting on June 30, please see details on voting at https://www.holicity.inc/

Chris Kemp (CEO) and Kelyn Brannon (CFO) will discuss:
- Upcoming merger with Holicity
- What proceeds from the merger and PIPE enable Astra to do
- Astra’s strategy and how it compares with other launch providers
- How the make-up of revenue will change over time beyond launch
- Path to cash flow positivity
- How Apollo Fusion purchase will help Astra


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