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Disrupting UPS, DHL and FedEx: Join IPS CEO in Fireside Chat May 11 at 2PM ET
IPO Edge and the Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association welcome you to this webinar with the Chairman & CEO of International Packages Shipping (IPS) to introduce a new investment opportunity unique in the Logistics Industry. IPS now seeks to raise $5 million, up from a prior target of $3 million. This live event will feature IPS Chairman and CEO Ernest Jacquet, joined by IPO Edge Editor-in-Chief John Jannarone and Director of Research Alan Hatfield in a moderated video session lasting approximately 60 minutes and including a Q&A with the audience.

Mr. Jacquet will discuss:
- IPS as the largest consumer-to-consumer deferred package shipping company in the U.S.
- IPS as the door-to-door ocean freight provider shipping to Europe and Asia at a fraction of the cost of The Big Three
- IPS as the Market Leader of Consumer-to-Consumer deferred package shipping to Eastern Europe
- Room for increasing price underneath the pricing umbrella of The Big Three once established
- Increased demand that, in conjunction with 5-Year Growth Initiatives, requires $5 million of capital to accommodate increased sales
- Use of recapitalization to fund marketing and infrastructure (warehouses, trucks, etc.)
- Exit strategy and sale of IPS to strategic partner after 2-3 years
- IPS has been in business for 5 years (merging three 35-year-old businesses in 2017) shipping primarily to Poland and 31 Eastern European countries
- IPS now ships to 46 European countries and Asia
- IPS is the Market Leader in deferred consumer package shipping with 5 times Market Share of nearest competition with 280 Authorized Shipping Outlets (ASO) across the USA


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